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ProDog Shine – Dynamic Coat & Skin Conditioner

An advanced high-specification, organic, dietary supplement. Expertly formulated using premium grade ingredients to help your dog be the centre of attention; with fur to envy. Shine delivers 100% natural nutritional support for show standard skin health and coat condition




ProDog Shine Helps your dog

This powerful mix of all-natural, organic active ingredients delivers 5 key benefits:



ProDog Shine is packed with hemp protein, delivering all of the essential amino acids needed to attain optimum physical condition. When combined with fish oils, hemp protein also radically improves the condition of a dog’s skin and coat. This plant-based protein assists every aspect of growth, development and repair, whilst also being kind to a dog’s digestion



A sophisticated blend of premium grade ingredients provide a bioavailable source of Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants that rally together to support overall health and wellbeing. Working to balance inflammatory response, detoxify the body, fight the free radicals that lead to cell damage and regulate the body’s natural energy mechanisms.


Coat and Healthy Skin

The fish collagen & oils component of this advanced mix make it a plentiful source of Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids. Essential nutrients for superior brain and gut function, physical health and essential nourishment for optimal skin and coat conditioning.



ProDog Shine is formulated using 100% species-specific ingredients. Hemp is a plant based protein, kinder to a dog’s digestive system than milk-based proteins (such as Whey) often found in canine supplements. The all-natural organic blend is nourishing to a dog’s digestive system whilst supporting effective nutrient absorption.


The brewers yeast component of ProDog Shine, is a highly effective source of multiple B vitamins; specifically selected as a natural aid in the repellant of common parasites, such as fleas, ticks and heartworm.

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