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ProDog Muscle+ Advanced Mass Gainer

ProDog Muscle+ is an advanced, high-specification, natural and organic dietary support supplement. Expertly formulated using premium grade ingredients, to help your dog achieve both mass gain and muscle development and assist underweight or malnourished dogs to reach a desirable weight in a safe and healthy way




Muscle+ Helps Your Dog

This powerful mix of all-natural, organic active ingredients delivers 5 key benefits:


Muscle Mass and Power

ProDog Muscle + is loaded with ProDog’s revolutionary tri-protein blend of hemp, pea & kelp protein, delivering a world first 76% natural protein per serving; ensuring the full amino acid spectrum needed to attain optimum physical condition is delivered in abundance. This plant-based protein combination assists muscle tissue repair, works to enhance energy levels and promotes lean muscle and weight gain to give long-lasting strength and definition, whilst also being kind to a dog’s digestion.



This cutting edge formula replenishes vital vitamins and minerals naturally depleted through active lifestyle to support superior fitness, strength and health. Our signature, tri-protein blend delivers all 10 essential amino acids required for superior muscle gain and long-lasting definition whilst also regulating the glandular system, fortifying heart health, supporting healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels and simultaneously working to help calm the nervous system; easing anxiety and reducing risk of seizures.



Muscle+ maximises muscle hypertrophy results by aiding repair of fibres broken down within the dogs muscle after work or training, supporting larger and stronger rebuild, delivering long term gains.



ProDog Muscle + is formulated using 100% species-specific ingredients. ProDog triple protein blend is a plant-based protein, kinder to a dog’s digestive system than milk-based proteins (such as whey) often found in canine supplements. In addition the glucosamine component makes this all-natural organic blend highly nourishing to a dog’s digestive system whilst supporting effective nutrient absorption.



Increasing muscle mass requires a strong supporting structure and optimal foundational functions. The fish collagen and oil component of this formula makes it a plentiful source of Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids, essential nutrients for superior brain and gut function, joint mobility and flexible cartilage. Hugely supportive of the immune system, omega oils work to balance inflammatory response, detoxify the body, fight the free radicals that lead to cell damage and regulate the body’s natural energy mechanisms.

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300g, 2.5kg

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