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ProDog Puppy Chicken with Green Tripe

Green tripe is a lean source of protein. Loaded with key nutrients and a natural probiotic, green tripe supports the digestive system and promotes a healthy gut. Chicken forms a gentle, staple part of any dog’s raw diet, a low-calorie source of protein to help your growing puppy gain healthy weigh



Nutritional Analysis

ProDog Puppy Chicken with Green Tripe raw food recipe is perfectly balanced, giving the optimal ratio of plant-powered goodness, and fresh meat content in every meal.


  • 75% British Chicken Meat (Includes approx 10% ground chicken bone)
  • 15% Beef Tripe (Green)
  • 9.3% Vegetables & Berries (Combinations vary in line with seasonal availability)
  • 0.2% Kelp
  • 0.5% Scottish Salmon Oil

Nutritional Analysis (% or / kg) –

Moisture 65.9%, Protein 12.4%, Total Fat 12.7%, Ash 1.4%, Crude Fibre 2.9%

Good to Know

  • Moisture – the natural presence found in the ingredients
  • Protein – are biological molecules consisting of one or more chains of amino acids
  • Fat – includes all fats: saturated fats, trans fats, and the unsaturated fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated
  • Ash (inorganic matter) – is the inorganic residue remaining after the water and organic matter have been removed
  • Fibre – the term given to the indigestible part of the food
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